Hello world! This is my first blog ever.. (Ok I lie! I have started to write a book and have never finished.. I think I will definitely come back to that story, as there is a complete transformation story which is still under going.. So this blog is going to be the beginning of my success backwards..) I like to talk and read so I will try to write also.. 🙂

One of my closest friends and all people around me always say you must write, you must write as a lot of things happening in my life and I learn a lot from my experiences and I teach others, but would be so nice to share it with everyone.. I hope you will get something for yourself… It’s very difficult to start as you always think oh how it going to sound and my English is not 100%, but it’s me .. Vaida 🙂 As raw as possible.. I am so excited about my life today and how much need to live through to get to the point what you really want, I want to share with you..

Thanks God I have a mentor, I think no one can live completely satisfied life without one, but it’s all in my blog..

I will write – How dental hygienist opened the dental clinic in London.. And all about health, nutrition, self motivation, discuss and review dental products  – all what I love..

I hope you will enjoy this and please share your experiences, ask me questions, share with others, would be nice to know all of you and at least say hello once.. You can always pop in to meet me at my clinic in Kensington – 13 Kensington High Street, W8 5NP or drop me an e-mail – info@thedentalhygienist.london. My Youtube channel will be open soon – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpZzBNZKvvNdjA_kQWcuvkQ

With Love Vaida xx

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