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Vaida’s Vision: Prevention Before Cure

"I believe and know from my experience that if every single person would see a dental hygienist as regularly as they see their hairdresser, they can avoid most dental problems and will reduce the need to see their dentist to a minimum. I want dental hygiene visits to be as routine for people as exercise or eating healthy food. I think we must all change the way we see dentistry and focus on prevention, not simply treatment, to keep our mouth and body healthy."

How does Vaida work?

Vaida's approach makes prevention the priority. All patients are seen first by a dental hygienist and then advised whether they need to see a dentist for an exam. This new approach is seen as controversial compared to the old fashioned method where a dentist is seen before referring to the dental hygienist. We believe a dental hygienist's job can be done alone without a referral from the dentist.
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